Tween 20

Tween 20

CAS: 9005-64-5
MF: C18H34O6
MW: 346.459991455078
EINECS: 500-018-3
Applications include:
Emulsifying, dispersing and solubilising agent for preparations for both internal and external use.  
Preparation of o/w type emulsions 
Preparation of w/o type emulsifiers.  
Emulsifier of mineral oils and fats in o/w emulsions. 
Solubiliser for water insoluble substances: vitamins, essential oils, fragrances, tannins, medicines, etc.
Wetting agent. Preparation of o/w viscous milks and non-irritant gels and shampoos. 
Solubilisation of essential oils. 
Preparation of water-free pomades.

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