Trimeresures mucrosquamatus

Trimeresures mucrosquamatus

Description: Trimeresurus mucrosquamatus is a venomous pitviper species found from India (Assam) and Bangladesh, to Myanmar, China and Taiwan. Males grow to a maximum total length males 1,122 mm with a tail length males 195 mm; females to 1,160 with a tail length of 205 mm. In the males, the hemipenes are spinose.
Pharmacological Action: People obtained a number of platelet-activating element from its venom. The study showed that one of TMVA which not only proved to be an alternative of ADP, AA, PAF used for in vitro screening, evaluation of anti-platelet-activating drug model and agents for diagnosis of platelet function defects disease, but also expected to be a better anti-body thrombosis drug.

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