Stearyl alcohol

Stearyl alcohol

CAS: 112-92-5
MF: C18H38O
MW: 270.49
EINECS: 204-017-6
Stearyl alcohol (also known as octadecyl alcohol or 1-octadecanol) is a substance prepared from stearic acid by the process of catalytic hydrogenation. It is a fatty alcohol. It takes the form of white solid granules or flakes which are insoluble in water, with a melting point of 60 °C and boiling point of 210 °C (at 15 mmHg or 2.0 kPa). It has a wide range of uses as an ingredient in lubricants, resins, perfumes and cosmetics. It is used as an emollient, emulsifier, and thickener in ointments of various sorts, and is widely used as a hair coating in shampoos and hair conditioners. Stearyl alcohol is even used as a liquid solar blanket in swimming pools by forming a molecule thick layer on the surface of the water and slowing the evaporation rate of the pool water.

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