Retinoic acid ester

Retinoic acid ester

English name: 4 - Acetanmidophenyl Retinoate
Retinoic acid have a very good therapeutic effect, and its role in comparison, the effect of retinoic acid ester is that it is almost twice as much, and the stimulation of the skin is much smaller. Retinoic acid esters are effective in promoting skin's metabolism. To regulate and slow down the epidermis and dermis of the aging process, so that epidermal hyperplasia of connective tissue, the elimination of wrinkles, increase skin elasticity, and there are special effects the treatment of acne. A view to stimulating far lower than the retinoic acid, retinoic acid treatment index for the times, it is ideal for the treatment of acne and an active ingredient in reducing the skin wrinkles .
products dissolved in the other homogeneous temperature to 91 ± 1 ℃. :0.05-General to add the volume of 0.2%, the major components of such a frost, you can include any conventional excipients and additives commonly used, such as for preservatives, thickeners, spices and traditional, such as anti-oxidants. Usage: the length of time varies from person to person, when the use is not important. Personal circumstances according to different treatment, depending on the age and condition of the skin. One day, a maximum of two months is sufficient to reduce and control the aging of the skin. After the effect of stabilization, it is necessary to reduce the frequency of use, for example, the second to three times a week, sometimes once a week to continue it. Once the aging process that is able to control, use twice a week is enough to maintain this state of the skin.
Storage :  Confined, cold and dark, two-year shelf life.

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