Polyvinyl Alcohol

Polyvinyl Alcohol

Other name : PVOH; Ethenol, homopolymer; PVA; Polyviol; Vinol; Alvyl; Alkotex; Covol; Gelvatol; Lemol; Mowiol
CAS # : 9002-89-5
Items                                  Properties 
Molecular formula           (C2H4O)x 
Density                              1.19-1.31 g/cm³ 
Melting point                     230°C
Boiling point                     228°C
Flash point                        79.44°C 
LD50                                  14,700 mg/kg (Mouse) 
Appearance                      White free-flowing granules. 
Odor                                   Mild odor. 
Solubility                            Moderately soluble. 
Characteristics and Application :
Polyvinyl alcohol is a water-soluble synthetic polymer.
Polyvinyl alcohol has excellent film forming, emulsifying, and adhesive properties. It is also resistant to oil, grease and solvent. It is odorless and nontoxic. It has high tensile strength and flexibility, as well as high oxygen and aroma barrier properties. However these properties are dependent on humidity, in other words, with higher humidity more water is absorbed. The water, which acts as a plasticiser, will then reduce its tensile strength, but increase its elongation and tear strength. PVA is fully degradable and is a quick dissolver. PVA has a melting point of 230°C and 180–190°C for the fully hydrolysed and partially hydrolysed grades. It decomposes rapidly above 200°C as it can undergo pyrolysis at high temperatures.
PVA is an atactic material but exhibits crystallinity as the hydroxyl groups are small enough to fit into the lattice without disrupting it.
Uses :
Adhesive and thickener material in latex paints, paper coatings, hairsprays, shampoos and glues. 
It is a colourless, water-soluble, flammable resin belonging to the family of organic polymers. The resin is used in sizing agents that confer resistance to oils and greases upon paper and textiles, to make films resistant to attack by solvents or oxygen, as a component of adhesives and emulsifiers, and as a starting material for the preparation of other resins.

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