Chemical name : Propylene Glycol (&) Aqua (&) Laminaria saccharina extract
Cosimetic benefits : 
·Matifies the skin : healthier and purified skin
·Regulates oily skin disorders;Sebostatic, Anti-lipasic
Properties : 
 ·Sebostatic and anti-lipasic effect
 ·Restores PH equilibrium (“buffer effect”)
 ·Reduces sebum flow
 ·Regulates saprophytic skin flora
Characteristics and Application : 
Inhibit adipose lipolysis enzyme activity , balance sebum, and to steathe imbalance of oily skin disease for the physical therapy.Reduce the emergence of bacterial acne,Adjust the PH value of skin and anti-lipid decompose ferment.
Phlorogine is composed of a polyuronide which purifies and balances the cutaneous physiological pH. This polyuronide makes a film with the skin proteins which maintains optimal hydration and prevents the formation of caps on the hair follicle. Sodium and Potassium ions help to maintain the osmotic balance. A lotion with 8% Phlorogine has been shown to give a 26% inhibition of sebum flow. 
Phlorgine also acts on the inflammatory enzymatic activity of Propionibacterium Acnes inhibiting the lipase activity and avoiding the formation of irritating free fatty acids and prostaglandines. In vitro tests at 2.5% Phlorogine has shown a 73% lipase inhibition.
Plant origin : Laminaria saccharina
Aspect : Liquid
Recommended concentration(solubility type):1%3% (water)

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