PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil

PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil

Characteristics and advantages:
1, volume little, high efficiency, large amount of solubilization, absolute transparent, increase after the solution to above arbitrary proportion dilution;
2, and acrylic kind of thickening agent compatibility deposit;
3, to the skin feeling soft, smooth, no adhesive greasy feeling;
4, but at room temperature convenient use;
5, good compatibility with most of the raw material compatibility, made into matrix, intermediates, semi-finished products and other products.
Efficient solubilizer CO40 can make a lot of natural and chemical synthesis of oil soluble composition dissolve in water to form stable solution, and do not change the properties of matter and smell, improve products and functions, properties and sensory. In the cosmetics manufacturing field especially in transparent products, CO40 has its unique attraction. It can reduce or eliminate products in organic solvent, the generation of cheap water,. To be both safe and reduce the organic solvent adverse effect and influence, and at the same time, make the products more pure fragrance, feel more natural. Widely used in oil soluble essence, fungicide, and cooler, avoid mosquito agent, pesticides, sunscreen, all kinds of animal and plant extract and water insoluble substance. Production, manufacturing all kinds of transparent water washing, cosmetic, daily necessities, etc.
CO40 and be solubilization physical quantity added to scale is (0.5 ~ 3) : 1, the two together, fully mixture evenly, add water mixing can be dissolved uniform. For essence general Gelfest CO40 use of 2.0.
1, elfest CO40 be solubilization material must after blending add water dispersion.
2, if the temperature is too low, solubilization matter has been cure, can promote the heating melting, again according to the normal method of use solubilization;
3, Gelfest CO40 in water and water alcohol solution is stable, but avoid joining acid alkali;
4, Gelfest CO40 to final product foam correlation effect is not big, only plays the synergy, if hope foam more enhance or further eliminate, can add a small amount of foam or defoaming agent;
5, the existence is beneficial to the mixed system dispersion (alcohol to join Gelfest CO40) and sulfur water material mixture). And alcoholic of aqueous system, the dosage of Gelfest CO40 usually can be reduced.

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