Naja siamensis

Naja siamensis

Description: Naja siamensis is a species of spitting cobra found in Southeast Asia. This species is one of the six spitting cobras in Asia. As the name of spitting cobras can be confusing, spitting cobras do not spit their venom. Instead, they spray their venom to their enemies as, if the venom get into the eyes, it can cause intense pain and temporary or even permanent blindness.
Pharmacological Action: Its venom has a function of curare-like nerve - muscle blocking, used as non-narcotic analgesics. Its analgesic activity is stronger than morphine, and no addiction and tolerance. There is no side effects and more security. It is used for the treatment of various chronic pain, vascular headache, trigeminal neuralgia, sciatica, advanced cancer pain, joint pain and neuralgia of leprosy reaction.

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