Marcol 52

Marcol 52

Chemical name :   Mineral Oil
Items                                                   Properties 
Appearance                                       Clear and bright
 Kinematic Viscosity @ 40 ℃          7.0-8.0
 Dynamic Viscosity @ 25 ℃            9-11
 Density @ 20 ℃,kg/m3                   829-840
 Specific Gravity 15 ℃                       0.833-0.844
 Flash Point,℃                                   150 Min.
 Refractive Index,nD20                      1.455-1.462
Characteristics and Application :  
Marcol 52 is a purified mixture of liquid saturated hydrocarbons.It is a crystal clear,water-white product that contains no toxic impurities.It is obtained from petroleum by vacuum distillation with subsequent refining stages including an ultimate purification by catalytic hydrogenation.
Marcol 52 is manufactured according to purity specifications more severe than the requirements of Pharmacopoeias.It has a higher stability than most mineral,chemical and vegetable products and has excellent chemical inertness.
Marcol 52 is medicinal grade white oil which means it can be used in a variety of cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications subject to the applicable laws and regulation in each country.
Highly refined and purified,high stability.Can be used for milk fat, hair oil, lipstick, facial oils, skin care oils, sunscreen lotion, baby oil, ointment and vanishing cream, such as the base oil softener.
Uses :
Marcol 52 is used as a component of a great variety of cosmetic products:
 ·Hair care products
 ·Neutral and protective diluent for other cosmetic ingredients such as essential oils
 ·Other applications such as make-ups,make-up removers
Marcol 52 provides many practical advantages to the formulation specialist,at a very attractive cost:
 ·Excellent skin compatibility,low irritancy and comedogenicity.
 ·Very good balance between resistance to bacteria and final biodegradability,with minimal ·environmental impact.
 ·Further information is available in our bulletin White oils for Cosmetics.

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