Luviflex Silk

Luviflex Silk

Chemical name :   PEG/PPG-25/25 Dimethicone/Acrylates Copolymer 
CAS # : 248935-80-0
Items                                         Properities
 Appearance                             Colourless to faint yellow, clear to slightly opalescent, approx. 50% solution in ethanol.
 Odour                                        Weak characteristic odour
 Solubility                                    Luviflex Silk is a silicone-containing anionic polymer product. The acid groups are neutralised for use in hair setting.
 Molecular weight (Mw)            approx. 75 000 – 100 000 g/mol (determined with GPC)
 Solids content                          48.0 - 52.0%
 K-value (1% in ethanol)          37.0 - 41.0
 Acid value                                  65.0 - 85.0 mg KOH/g
 Residual monomers (total)  ≤100 mg/kg
Characteristics and Application :  
Luviflex Silk is used in hair cosmetics for hair-setting and forming a film.It has excellent properties for both aerosol sprays and non-aerosol products(pump-action sprays, lotions etc.)
In comparison to conventional hair-setting polymers, Luviflex Silk has some clear advantages:
 • exceptional sensory properties (such as hair is left feeling very pleasant,soft and silky)
 • excellent combing properties when dry
 • natural/flexible hold
 • no flaking/beading before/after combing and
 • washes out very well.
Storage : 
Can be stored in the original containers unopened at room temperature for at least 2 years.

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