CAS No.: 58-08-2
Formula : C8H10N4O2
Molecular weight : 194.19
Melting Point : 234-239 ° C
The Goods members of crystallization with water, white or green belt extremely popular, the tree is mercerized needle crystallization, distillation refined in hexagonal prism-like crystals. The temperature of 238 ° C and 178 ° C sublimation. 133 kPa pressure, at 160-165 ° C sublimation quickly. Every grams of caffeine can be dissolved in 46 ml of water, 5.5 ml of hot water (80 ° C), 1.5 ml of boiling water, 66 ml of ethanol, 22 ml of ethanol hot (60 ° C), 50 ml of acetone, chloroform 5.5 ml, 530 ml of ether, 100 ml of benzene, or 22 ml of boiling benzene. Pyrrole easily soluble and water-containing 4% of tetrahydrofuran. Ethyl acetate - soluble, oil-soluble ether. The goods salts in water solubility by benzoate; Cinnamon Salts; Citrate; Salicylic acid were increased; Caffeine hydrochloride; Kraft; Phosphate is soluble in water or alcohol, and break down into free alkali and acid. Caffeine is weathering, no foul, Bitterpungent. Molecular weight : 194.2 (anhydrous), 212.2 (a water molecule).

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