Inorganic Nanometer Water-based Dispersions

Inorganic Nanometer Water-based Dispersions

Stir and directly added to the application system.
Stored in dark, anti-pressure, anti-freeze, anti-pollution state, and storage for six months at the 1℃ ~ 40℃.
The micro-powder of TiO2 (NTG-602A) fully dispersed in the water and formed the stable, uniform colloidal dispersions that is called NMJ-NTG-602A. NMJ-NTG-602A can disperse in all kinds of water-based matrix, so it is convenient to use. This development is designed for emulsion of sunscreen, other skin care products and cosmetics. Its unique qualities are as follow:
1.     Nontoxic, tasteless, good security, high solid content, with excellent dispersion and suspension in water;
2.     High transparency and ensily spreading on the skin make it feels comfortable and without showing white color;
3.     It has excellent shielding effect of UVB, for 1% TiO2 solids content can improve SPF value of 3 ~ 4;
4.     Adding water in oil or oil in water cosmetics to this product, it shows a good compatibility and dispersion;
5.     Good storage stability, after long-term storage, it does not produce the layered, flocculation, precipitation phenomena.

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