Chemical Name:Nonionic emulsifying wax
Appearance: white fragmental solid
Bouquet: tasteless
Acid value: 2.0 (maximum)
Saponification value: 7.5-15
Melting point: 45 - 55 ℃
Oil in water emulsifier, which can be used alone or used as help emulsifier, the production of fine appearance and handle high stability emulsion.
GP200 various cosmetics can be emulsified oil, such as nonpolar paraffin oil, IPM, IPP, three glyceride, fatty acid, fatty alcohol, silicone oil and all kinds of vegetable fat can easily be emulsion.
As is known to all, esters grease in chemical structure than nonpolar mineral oil closer to human skin natural sebum, have good skin feeling, at the same time the polarity oil also has excellent spreadability, lubricity, solubility and carrier performance. With GP200 as emulsifier, formula master can easily allocate good skin feeling cosmetics. Such as skin care products, baked oil, health hair frost, straight hair cream, stop han agent, medicine cream, etc.
GP200 can and a wide range of cosmetics raw material compatibility, very suitable contains high concentration of electrolyte formula system such as resistance to sweat agent salts, the NMF actives, AHA, hyaluronic acid, etc.
GP200 preparation can be high or low concentration internal phase (oil phase) emulsion system, paste with charming appearance and brightness, excellent cold and hot stability and viscosity stability, PH value can be low to 3 and high to 14. Suggested usage: 1-3%.

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