CAS number : 74-85-1
Molecular formula: C2H4 / H2C=CH2
Molar mass:  28.05 g/mol 
Application :
Ethylene is known to affect the following plant processes .
Stimulates the release of dormancy. 
Stimulates shoot and root growth and differentiation (triple response) 
May have a role in adventitious root formation. 
Stimulates leaf and fruit abscission. 
Stimulates Bromiliad flower induction. 
Induction of femaleness in dioecious flowers. 
Stimulates flower opening. 
Stimulates flower and leaf senescence. 
Stimulates fruit ripening.
Uses :
Approximately 80% of ethylene used in the United States and Europe is used to create ethylene oxide, ethylene dichloride, and polyethylene.In smaller quantities, ethylene is used as an anesthetic agent (in an 85% ethylene/15% oxygen ratio), to hasten fruit ripening, as well as a welding gas.
Polyethylenes of various density and melt flow account for more than 50% of world ethylene demand. The primary use of polyethylene is in film applications for packaging, carrier bags and trash liners. Other applications include injection moulding, pipe extrusion, wire and cable sheathing and insulation, as well as extrusion coating of paper and cardboard.
Description :
Ethylene is the simplest alkene. Because it contains a carbon-carbon double bond, ethylene is called an unsaturated hydrocarbon or an olefin. It is extremely important in industry and also has a role in biology as a hormone.

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