Appearance:Colorless transparent liquid
Molecular formula :  C10 H30 O5 Si5
Recommended Usage : 1.0% - 99.0%
Physical Form : Odorless, Colorless, Low Viscosity Liquid
Flash Point : 180F/82C
Cyclomethicone is a clear, odorless, silicone-based oil that is incredibly useful and versatile in a number of bath & body recipes. It is a synthetic unmodified silicone that stays on the surface of the skin - the molecules are too big to physically enter past the upper living cells. It doesn't really have any "healing" or "moisturizing" qualities in and of itself - think of it more as a "carrier." Because it evaporates relatively quickly, it is most commonly used to carry fragrance or essential oils in linen sprays, body sprays, and roll-on "dry" perfumes. It also is used in lotions to impart a slick, silky feel - and is widely used in hair treatments.

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