Chemical name : Cerin; Mineral Wax
CAS # : 8001-75-0   
Items                    Property
Melting point       61℃ to 78℃
Color                   White yellowish  
Shape                 Grain poowder
Description        white, brittle, odorless
Uses :
Used in glazing agent for pasty products;used in antirust agent,carbon paper,candle and fruit coating;used in lipstick,ointment,balsam in cosmetics industry.
Characteristics and Application :
Ceresin Wax is a mineral wax, otherwise known as "Earth Wax" which is a white wax extracted from ozokerite. It is used as a substitute for Beeswax or Paraffin Wax, simply use the same amount that your formula calls for of Beeswax or Paraffin.
 Ceresin Wax will produce a lighter cream, that is less greasy. Ceresin Wax is used in formulas that do not use animal products. If someone has sensitive skin, Ceresin Wax might cause an allergic reaction.

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