Bungarus multicinctus

Bungarus multicinctus

Description: Bungarus multicinctus (also known as the Taiwanese banded krait) is the species of krait which produces α-bungarotoxin. It is about 1 m in length, the whole back with black-and-white loop pattern and all white in ventral.
Pharmacological Action: It usually inhabit in the plains, hills or foothills near water; and often found in tanabe, street, cemetery and gardens, etc. Its poison has the function of blocking neuromuscular. It is generally believed that the bungarus multicinctus venom has the role of peripheral curare-like. The α-bungatotoxin or acetic acid ring snake toxin α 1 × 10 (-5) g  contained in the venom can completely block septal neurons of rat in vitro. Α-ring snake toxin can effectively block the response of rectus abdominis of frog to acetylcholine (Ach).

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