Brookswax P/P

Brookswax P/P

Chemical name :   Emulsifying Wax NF
Category :   Functional basis materials
Items                                      Properties
 Appearance                          Creamy white waxy pastilles
 Saponification Value           14.0 Max.
 Iodine Value                          3.5 Max.
 Acid Value                              1.0 Max.
 Melting Range                       50 - 54°C
 Microbial Content                 500 opg Max.; No pathogens
 Solubility(At 10%)                 Soluble in Mineral Oil,Petrolatum,Isopropyl Myristate,Water;Insoluble in Ethanol 95%
Characteristics and Application :  
This non-ionic self emulstifying wax is based on cetyl and stearyl alcohols and an ethoxylated sorbitan ester. It is ideal for forming stable oil in water emulsions with mineral oil or other commonly used hydrophobic emollients.
Brookswax P/P is a non-ionic self-emulsifying wax based on cetyl, stearyl alcohols and ethoxylated sorbitan ester. It has an approximate HLB of 8, making it ideal for forming stable o/w emulsions with mineral oil and other commonly used hydrophobic emollients. Brookswax P/P is a valuable ingredient which is compatible with a wide range of topical therapeutic agents. It is autoclavable and can be heated to 150º C under pressure without affecting the emulsion properties. As Emulsifying Wax NF it has been used in a wide variety of pharmaceutical and dermatological products.
Brookswax P/P has proven to be a superior alternate to conventional thickening agents such as GMS, EGMS and PGMS. It will form full-bodied emulsions at 5 - 10% levels in water without requiring additional surfactants to form a stable system. Brookswax P/P has superior emulsifying properties compared to many of the common or standard self-emulsifying waxes and often produces superior results at lower usage levels.
Uses :
conditioner, treatment (hair), body lotion, treatment (body), facial moisturizer, treatment (face), makeup foundation, lip.

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