Difinition : 
Biocatalysis can be defined as utilization of natural catalysts, such as protein enzymes, to perform chemical transformations on organic compounds. Both enzymes that have been more or less isolated or enzymes still residing inside living cells are employed for this task.
Application :
Promote cell metabolism
Biocatalysts have use in both industrial (commodity) and specialty (low-volume) applications. Specialty biocatalysts sell in low volumes and are generally useful in applications where the enzyme is a small but value-added component or where addition of the enzyme either facilitates performance or leads to a performance improvement that justifies its cost of use. Such an application would be a therapeutic enzyme or an enzyme for use in a diagnostic kit. Areas showing a potential for market growth and for technological innovation include the development of engineered enzymes (providing faster throughput, cheaper production, or the capability to produce novel products), pollution-control systems or lower-polluting industrial processes (such as pulp and paper manufacture), nonaqueous biocatalytic systems (for use in applications such as oil and fat bioprocessing) and manufacturing processes for producing specific compounds (for example, biopharmaceuticals).

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