Bioactive SPG

Bioactive SPG

INCI Name:Water, Beta-glucan
CAS No.:160872-27-5     
Appearance:Transparentliquid,light viscosity  
Improves the immunity of skin cells, prevents the release of histamine, depresses inflammation and allergy;
 Supplement the content of mucopolysaccharides in skin cells, eliminates wrinkles and delays senescence;
Improves water content in the stratum corneum thus long-lastingly keeps the skin moist.
Moisturizing agents, anti-wrinkle agents and anti-allergy agent. Applicable to moisturizing products, anti-ageing products, anti-allergy products. Suitable to lotion, gel, essence, emulsion, cream etc..
Bioactive SPG is an extracellular beta glucan extracted from Schizophyllum commune. It is water-soluble and electric neutral, therefore it is very suitable for the application of cosmetics. Due to the extraordinary thermostability, Bioactive SPG can maintain its viscosity at 121℃ for eight hours. It can also remains stable in a wide pH range of 2.0 -12.0.       

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