Properties :
Trypsin >=2,500 IU/mg 
Chymotrypsin >=80 IU/mg 
kallikrein >=50 IU/mg 
Elastase >=30 OU/mg 
Aprotinin >=3 E.P. U/mg 
Hyaluronidase ≥300IU/mg
Characteristics and Application :
Bio-Enzyme is 100% pure fruit juice extracted from apple, guave, grapes, papaya, pineapple, and sugar cane. Sugar contents of sugar cane have been converted and hydrolized to fructose and glucose.  It contains several Enzymes which are natural substances that act as workers, so that the vitamins and minerals are readily digested, absorbed and utilized by the body, Bio-Enzyme is taken as functional food.  It has no chemical additives and preservatives.
In general, all enzymes found in fruits and plants are beneficial.  They are substances necessary to keep us alive, fight diseases, and maintain good health. Depletion of enzyme supply in the body can cause diseases. However, enzymes are delicate and easily destroyed by processing and cooking or heating.  When we get sick, or as we grow older, enzyme supply is drained due to exhaustion of body cells, so, to reinvigorate the body recover easily from diseases and maintain and active and healithy life, the need for replenishment can be easily supplied by Bio-Enzyme.
So it is considered as a pure natural health functional food, not a drug or traditional medicine. it has the potential to manifest so many beneficial applications for human health.  That is the reason why many of those taking Bio-Enzyme claim that they were cured of their illness.

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