Acusol OP303B

Acusol OP303B

Chemical name :   Styene/acryes copolymer
Items                                          Properties
 pH                                               2.05–3.00
 % solids                                     39–41
 Average particle size (μm)       0.25
 Viscosity (mPa.s/cps)               0 max.
 Preservative                                Benzoic Acid 0.29%
Characteristics and Application :  
ACUSOL OP303B is a water-based, styrene/acrylic opacifier for liquid detergent and cleaning products, and is highly effective in imparting a "milky" or "lotionized" appearance.
Used for household and institutional cleaning and detergent products.
·General purpose product that can be used across multiple applications 
·Designed primarily for cationic formulations 
·Imparts an excellent "milky" or "lotionized" appearance 
·Shelf life of 600 days or greater from date of manufacture

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