Aculyn 88

Aculyn 88

Chemical Name:Acrylates/stearic alcohol gather oxygen
Aculyn88 products and surfactant and solvent has good compatibility of sex. And to the ph value of 6 or more, thickening rapidly to transparent, already thickening of the solution has become thin shear false plastic flow characteristics. In the low ph value, can thickening content surfactant solutions, and layer of clay column (Laponite) used together with the effect is much better. Widely used in hair care products, cream, emulsion, wash grandma, bath dew, hair removal agent and difficult to thickening of surfactant system, can be stable emulsion and suspended particles and bubbles. For many years has been used in a variety of commodities safety, all kinds of liquid detergent and cleaner product. 
This product to low viscosity liquid supply, easy to dump and pumped, batch use and application of automatic measurement device special convenient, do not contain to health or environmental harmful ingredients, and have reliable antimicrobial and enzyme degradation performance.

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