Appearance: milky white liquid
Solid content: 45.0-50.0
Emulsion viscosity (mPa s., 25 ℃) : 1500-4500
2% aqueous solution viscosity (mPa s., 25 ℃) : 60000-90000
AQUAGEL35 and other traditional thickener is different from its very simple operation on use. It need not after heating, scattered, neutral or advance a solution. Simply will right amount water added to AQUAGEL35, immediate can obtain colloid or emulsion.
Used for cream, liquid cream, cream shape gel; Contains pigment and inorganic sunscreen of foundation cream, sunscreen, Including polar solvent, alcohol and polyol formula; Containing silicone oil, the formulation of the acidity. Usage: separate as emulsifier: 2-5%; And the traditional emulsifier cooperates: 0.2-2%.
AQUAGEL35 is a kind of high viscosity polymer. It is made up of polyacryiamide (polyacrylamide) and C13, that is the sky - 14 isoparaffin, 13-14 (isoparaffin) and laureth - 7 (polyoxyethylene lauryl - 7) and so on the several main compositions. 305 can be used as emulsion thickener and emulsifier and stabilizer, it is also a kind of neutral substance, only simple in 305 to join the appropriate water, stirring immediate can be made into liquid emulsion or gel.

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