what is fatty alcohol

Fatty alcohol detergent surfactant raw materials. The general formula ROH. Detergents with alcohol R is generally the C12 ~ C18 alkyl. This high-carbon alcohol with two former pro features that arehydrophobic molecules such as the hydrocarbon chain, there are hydrophilic groups such as hydroxyl.
However, due to very low solubility in water, must be added to the hydrophilic hydroxyl into sulfuric
acid or base, the HLB value to achieve the necessary value, fatty alcohol derivatives have enough to make it soluble in hydrophilic water, and can be aggregates (micelles), this is the surfactant fatty
alcohol derivatives. For example, dodecanol insoluble in water, but when it becomes lauryl sulfate,
because connected to a sulfuric acid base (-SO3-), water-soluble changed for the better, and can
generate micelles in water, up to a certain concentration time, showing a very good surface activity. It is to use this feature to alcohol as raw material, the system out of a variety of excellent performance with a variety of surfactants.