what is Tween-20

Tween-20 chemical name for polyoxyethylene sorbitan laurate, amber oily liquid, bitter taste. Density of 109.5 ~ 110.5. Soluble in water, acid, alkali, thin, ethers, ketones, aromatics, chlorinated hydrocarbons, ethylene glycol, pyridine, insoluble in mineral oils and animal oils. Cloud point 95 ℃. Emulsifying, wetting and dispersing performance. Saponification value of 45 ~ 55mgKOH / g HLB value of 16.7;  Hydroxyl value of 90 ~ 110 mgKOH / g acid value "30%;  Production methods used mainly Addition. To sorbitan monolaurate, and ethylene oxide as raw material, sodium hydroxide catalyst, the addition reaction.Use non-ionic surfactant. For non-ionic emulsifiers, wetting agent, penetrant. Also used as Cream, lotion and other cosmetic oil in water emulsifier, softening agent and thickener.