Uses of Cinnamon Essential Oil

Add to anniversary blends for a spicy, balmy and abating scent
The ambrosial aroma of biscuit blade capital oil is abating and strong. Use it sparingly as it can abrade bane membranes. Blend it with Cinnamon Essential Oil like lavender, candied orange and added citrus oils to balmy up the calm atmosphere.
Use in charwoman blends for its disinfecting properties
Cinnamon Essential Oil kills viruses, bacteria, and fungus. Blend it with added oils like orange, apricot and added citrus oils. Use it in every allotment of the house, kitchen appliances, countertops, shoes, tables and chairs.
dd to an antifungal bottom soak
Soaking the anxiety in balmy baptize with a bead of Cinnamon Essential Oil can advice fungal infections. This aswell works able-bodied in preventing odor if you use bankrupt cossack throughout the day while altogether abatement annoyed and aching feet.