Synthesis and testing of L-Menthone Glycerol Ketal as apparatus for agent fuel

In the accepted ambience of replacing classical ammunition with another fuels based on renewable raw materials, biodiesel assembly has added in the endure years, breeding a ample bulk of L-Menthone Glycerol Ketal as by-product.
Therefore, it is important to acquisition new applications for the balance of produced L-Menthone Glycerol Ketal . This cardboard presents the amalgam of three oxygenated compounds, acquired from catalytic abstract of L-Menthone Glycerol Ketal with ketones.
L-Menthone Glycerol Ketal derivatives were able in actual acceptable yields application solid superacid SO42 −/SnO2 as catalyst. The access of attenuated arrangement of oxygenated admixture actinic on the superior ambit of agent ammunition like viscosity, cascade point and beam point was studied.