Polyvinylpyrrolidone(pvp) applications

PVP as a synthetic water-soluble polymers, water-soluble polymers with the general nature of protective colloid, film formation, adhesion, moisture absorption, solubilization, or cohesion, but its most unique, and therefore subject to people's attention is its excellent solubility and physical compatibility. Synthetic polymers such as PVP only soluble in water, but soluble in most organic solvents, low toxicity, good physiological compatibility are rare, especially in the pharmaceutical,
food, cosmetics, they are closely related with people's health area, with its lower prices of raw materials butyrolactone, will show good prospects for its development. The following is a description of its specific application areas:
(1) medical and health
PVP has excellent physical inertia, not involved in human metabolism, but also has excellent biocompatibility, the skin, mucous membranes, eyes, which do not form any stimulation. From the biological point of view, PVP with molecular structural features similar to the kind of simple protein model structure, and even some of its water-soluble small molecules with the ability and the ability of certain proteins by ammonium sulfate precipitation agent, trichloroacetic acid, tannins and phenols by precipitation and protein solubility properties also. So that the PVP is widely used as a pharmaceutical preparation of the materials. Specific applications are as follows:
 ① Preparation of binder used
 ② total of precipitant
 ③ as the solvent injection or crystal generation blockers
 ④ coating or film-forming agent
 ⑤ retardants, sustained release of drug controlled release extended duration of action of drugs
 ⑥ artificial vitreous and cornea
 ⑦ with surgical dressings. In addition, PVP can be used as coloring agents and X-ray contrast agent;can be used for tablets, granules, liquid dosage forms and other drugs, detoxification, bleeding,increased concentration of dissolved, to prevent peritoneal adhesions, promote erythrocyte sedimentation rate and so on.
(2) food processing
PVP itself does not cause cancer, have good food security, with specific polyphenolic compounds (egtannins) to form complexes, mainly in food processing as beer, fruit juice, wine and other foods clarifying agent and stabilizer.
(3) daily cosmetics
In the consumption structure of PVP in the cosmetics industry in developed countries accounted for 30% to 50%, China accounted for 70% to 80%. Since PVP has low toxicity and physical inertia, its skin, eyes without stimulation, in the field of medicine have long-term use of record, so it is safe for cosmetics.
In daily cosmetics, PVP and copolymers with good dispersion and film-forming, PVP protective colloid in emulsion in the role, can be used for non-fatty and fatty paste that is used for setting fluid, hair spray and Mount silk styling, conditioner sunscreen, shampoo, foam stabilizers, wave shape in the hair dye dispersant agents and pro-mixture. In cream, sunscreen, hair removal agents added PVP, can enhance wetting and lubrication.
(4) the field of detergent
PVP and then precipitated with anti-fouling properties, can be used for the preparation of transparent liquid detergent or heavy dirt, adding PVP in detergent have a good anti-color changing effects, but can enhance the ability of a net wash, wash fabrics of synthetic detergents to prevent skin irritation, especially for synthetic fiber, this performance than the carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) type detergent is more prominent. PVP mixtures with borax, as phenolic disinfectant cleaner formulations of active ingredients. PVP and hydrogen peroxide compound of the solid detergent, with bleach to kill bacteria
(5) Textile
PVP and many organic dyes have good affinity, it can be used with polyacrylonitrile, acetate, nylon, and hydrophobic fibrous materials such as synthetic fibers, and to improve strength and hydrophilic dye.
(6) paint and paint
PVP-coated with paint, coating film transparency without affecting the character and improve the gloss and paint and pigment dispersion, improved thermal stability and can improve the dispersion of ink and ink, etc.
(7) Polymer Technology
PVP as a polymeric surfactant, dispersed in different systems can be used as dispersants, emulsifiers, thickeners, leveling agents, size modifiers, anti-redeposition agent, coagulating agent, cosolvent, and detergent.
(8) other aspects of
PVP can be used as a gelling agent EOR, enhance oil recovery rate of oil fields. Photosensitive material as additives to help reduce the degree of latex and enhanced ability to develop the image of the cover.
In the polymerization process as a thickener, stabilizer and dispersing bond regulating agents. In the paper industry as a dispersing agent, in propylene amine as a catalyst in the gasification reaction. PVP present in the membrane, light-cured resin, laser disc, drag-reducing coatings, building materials, steel and electroplating, and other fields also emerging.