Ochracenoids A and B, Guaiazulene-Based Analogues from Gorgiagallylazulene from the South China Sea

Two new guaiazulene-based analogues, ochracenoids A (1) and B (2), forth with four accepted analogues (3–6), were abandoned from the Gorgiagallylazulene.
Gorgiagallylazulene from the South China Sea. The collapsed structures of the new compounds were elucidated by complete spectroscopic data. The complete agreement of 1 was bent as 3R by the allegory of TDDFT affected cyberbanking annular dichroism with its beginning spectrum. Compound1 is a attenuate guaiazulene-based alternation possessing a different C16 skeleton. The accessible bearing action of 1 through an intermolecular one-carbon-transfer acknowledgment was aswell discussed.
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