Human assurance abstraction of physique balm absolute Kathon CG

The assurance of Kathon CG biocide as a bactericide in leave-on physique lotions was adjourned by 2 double-blind studies, appliance agnate protocols. A absolute of 209 advantageous macho and changeable capacity age-old 18 to 65 years, 100 in California (72 analysis subjects, 28 controls) and 109 in Florida (88 analysis subjects, 21 controls) completed the studies which included pre- and post-use appearance analytic appliance testing with Kathon CG 100 ppm alive ingredient, and 13 weeks circadian applications of either a analysis balm absolute Kathon CG 15 ppm alive additive or a ascendancy balm after Kathon CG.
No affirmation of affliction or sensitization attributable to use of the biocide was begin during approved dermatological examinations during the use phase. Post-use appearance appliance testing produced abrogating after-effects in all capacity with the barring of 1 ascendancy accountable in Florida who had absolute readings at the 2- and 4-week post-use appearance appliance testing.
Overall, these studies appearance there is minimal, if any, accident of adverse furnishings associated with the use of Kathon CG 15 ppm alive additive in a leave-on application.