How to use macadamia oil for derma and hair care?

Facial moisturizer – In my accepted column 7 Secrets that Cured My Acne Without Chemicals, I discussed the accent of application an authentic facial oil to rebalance oil assembly and adjustment the skin. I ahead acclimated beeline jojoba oil (this one), which is an accomplished advantage for adipose and acne-prone derma types. Now, I use beeline macadamia oil as my facial moisturizer and I adulation it! If you like, agreement with bond jojoba oil with macadamia oil.
Makeup Remover – You can aswell use macadamia oil to acclaim abolish makeup, even adamant mascara. Follow my 2-Ingredient Architecture Remover compound but acting macadamia oil instead of the jojoba. Or, if you like, use bisected macadamia oil and bisected jojoba. I get abundant after-effects with any of these options.
Eye serum – Because it absorbs so quickly, macadamia oil makes a moisturizing and reparative eye serum that you can even use beneath makeup. Use just the aboriginal bulk and acclaim pat it about your eyes.