Notoginseng P.E.

Notoginseng P.E.

Origin of material: Panax notoginseng
Specifications:   Notoginsenosides more than 60%,80%,90%
Assay Method:   HPLC
Description:  White or light yellow solid powder
Product characteristic:
Radix notoginseng P.E. is producted by special craft, The content of Notoginsenosides enhance distinctly. The heavy metal, pesticide residue and the organic solvent remains of the product is lower than the national standards obviously.
It is the material of health food and medicine, Radix notoginseng P.E. has the functions of expansion artery, reducing the blood pressure, increasing the brain blood stream quantity,   preventing the liver organization fibrosis, anti-weary and so on.
Package:Upon customer request.
Storage:Store in tightly closed containers below 0℃.

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