Vaccaria Segetalis Extract

Vaccaria Segetalis Extract

Latin Name:Vaccaria segetalis (Neck.) Garcke 
Plant source:The seed of  Vaccaria segetalis (Neck.) Garcke 
Part used:Seed
Appearance:Brown or White powder
Specs:Vacsegoside,Vaccarin 98%  by HPLC & 20:1,10:1,5:1 by TLC
1).As pharmaceutical raw materials
2).Health care products
Vaccaria Segetalis Extract can activate blood circulation and stimulate the menstrual flow, detumescence and relieve pain,it also has the function of  hasten parturition and   lactagogue method.
Vaccaria Segetalis Extract can treatment of irregular menstruation,lack of milk,dystocia, carbuncle swollen furunculosis and so on.

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