Rhodiola Rosea P.E.

Rhodiola Rosea P.E.

Part of Used: Root and stem  
Active Ingredients: Salidroside 
Characteristics: Brown Fine Powder 
Specs Available: Salidroside 1%-5%
Active Ingredient: Rosavin, Rosarin, Rosin, Rhodioloside, and Isoflavones, Polyphenol. Traditional
Use: Health tonic, Improve immunity Antifatigue. Have aphrodisiac effect ,Treat diabetes. 
Main Function   
1. Possesses anti-depression & adaptogenic properties.
2. Prevents emotional stress.
3. Improves endurance levels.
4. Shortens recovery after prolonged muscular workouts.
5. Helps maintain energy levels.
6. Improves indicator of protein metabolism.
7. Increases attention span.
8. Increases memory & mental performance.
9. Increases strength & mobility.
10. Increases blood supply to the brain & muscles.
11. Optimizes seratonin & dopamine levels as well as other neurotransmitters.
12. Helps maintain high levels of creatine phosphate in the mitochondria. 
25kg/Fiber Drums

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