Characteristics: White fine Powder 
Specs Available: Policosanol 20%-90%
Policosanol is a mixture of primary long-chain aliphatic(non-ring) alcohols. The main ingredient in policosanol is octacosnaol, but as the name implies, Sometimes, a little amount of individual alcohol like Heptacossanol and Nonocosanol exists in waxes. But in general, effective components can be analyzed including Tetracosanol, Hexacosanol and Dotriacontanol.Policosanol is a group of active compounds composed of predominantly five higher primary aliphatic alcohols-tetracosanol, hexacosanol, octacosanol, triacontanol and dotriacontanol. 
Main Function   
Policosanol, a natural compound derived from sugar cane wax, has shown promising results in clinical studies(primarily performed in Cuba) and is well tolerated. Since it is derived from a food source, policosanol is classified as a nutraceutical, or natural product. Commercial products are derived from a variety of different sources(sugar cane wax,rice bran wax,beeswax),but it is important to note that the sugar cane wax derivative was used in the Cuban studies.
Though octacosanol has been shown to individually reduce cholesterol and triglyceride,there is no doubt that the blend of the alphatic spectrum,as found in sugar,rice and beeswax, is superior to an isolated aliphatic alcohol. In policosanol from various sources,content of aliphatic alcohol and ratio are different. Therefore, it it sure that the treatment effects of policosanol from different sources are not the same.for example,some published studies from Cuba suggest that beeswax products may be useful for the ulcers treatment, but not for reducing cholesterol or treating intermittent claudication.
Studies now show that at least cintents of octacosanol, docosanol and triacontanol are different in policosanol from sugar, rice and beeswax. 
25kg/Fiber Drums

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