Hydrocotyle asiatica extract

Hydrocotyle asiatica extract

Latin name:Centella asiatica(L.) Urban 
Thet method:HPLC 
Active ingredient:asiaticoside 
Appearance:Yellow brown or white powder
a. The Medhya rasayana are a group of medicines in Ayurveda known to act on the nervous system, These medhya rasayana have been claimed to improve mental ability .
b. be very useful in improving learning and memory 
c.care skin:
2.removing spot
3.care the scar, whelk 
4.Cure allergy symptoms 
Product Description:
Hydrocotyle asiatica extract is also called pennywort and gotu kola. It is a small, spreading, ground-hugging plant with light green round, scalloped leaves. It is said to help improve memory if taken on a regular basis,Plant extract of Centella asiatica can be in the form of a tea or tincture.

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