Green Tea P.E.

Green Tea P.E.

Part of Used: Leaf 
Active Ingredients: Polyphenols, Catechins, EGCG, Caffeine  
Characteristics: Yellow Browm Fine Powder  
Specs Available: Polyphenols≥20%, Catechins≥10%, EGCG≥8%, Caffeine 0.5%-10%
Tea polyphenol are natural compounds extracted from tea leaves, and contain flavanols, flavanones, flavonols and their glycosides etc. Catechin that is one of flavanols among them is the most active component, made up 60%-80% of total amount of polyphenols. Catechins of several single catechins including EGC,DL-C,EC,EGCG,GCG,ECG etc. Catechins with special molecular structure are easy to oxidize, which leads to a good ability to anti-oxidize and eliminate free radicals. 
Main Function    
1. To cure cardiovascular diseases. TP showed good effects on fibrinolysis and anti-blood agglutination ,especially the free catechins, which possess the ability to prevent platelet from agglutination.
2. To inhibit arteriosclerosis, reducing the possibility of hypertensive and coronary heart disease.
3. Anticarcinogenic, it possesses the ability of blocking the formation of endogenous nitrosoamine which is a carcinogen.
4. To strengthen the capacity of human immunity, antisenescent activity.
5. To enhance the tenacity and permeating ability of blood capillary, and improve the resistance of blood vessel. 
25kg/Fiber Drums

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