Krill oil in bulk

Krill oil in bulk

Bulk wholesale krill oil available at competetive prices. Gel Caps or bulk liquid. 
Packaged: 500mg gel caps
Packaged: 200kg/drum 
Packaged: 18kg/pail 
Packaged: 3.5kg/gallon 
This is a Superba product
Product description:
Krill oil is special compared with fish oil, because bulk krill oil contains at least 40% phospholipids. Fish oil has no phospholipids. Phospholipids will give krill oil the benefits for which it is so known. The other 60% in the krill oil is either in triglyceride or free fatty acid form. The triglycerides in krill oil are nothing special, and without the phospholipids, krill oil would be nothing more than an inferior fish oil. So phospholipid content is critical when you determine quality, and should not be less than 40%.

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