Sea starwort Oil

Sea starwort Oil

Cosimetic benefits :
 ·Regulates blood microcirculation
 ·Reduces blotchiness and redness
 ·Decreasses the effects of enopause on skin
Properties :
 ·Anti-inflammatory action(IL6)
 ·Inhibits PGE2 and CGRP release
 ·Protects cells against free radicals(MDA)
 ·Protect capillary membrane and  promote capillary circulation.
 ·Resolve the inflammation caused as rosy, red dot phenomenon because the sun.
Plant origin : Aster maritima
Aspect : Oily Limpid liquid
Sea Starwort Oil is an all natural Aster maritima extract. In vitro and clinical testing show its ability to rebuild the barrier function of the skin (by boosting ceramides, cerebrosides, and cholesterol) and provide immediate and long term moisturization. Sea Starwort Oil is oil soluble, preservative free and compliant with Ecocert and Cosmos regulation.

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