Magnolia Flower Oil

Magnolia Flower Oil

Botanical Name: Michelia alba (Magnoliaceae)
An extremely delicate, sweet fragrance reminiscent of rose, violet & orange flowers. Wonderful for perfumes, soaps & candles
This complex aromatic is initially butter/oily with a sharp, slightly camphoraceous undertone. It has hints of berry also. Michelia is a powerful influencer. This is a wonderful aspect as a little goes a long way making this an economical ingredient.
Michelia's sweetness adds a sensuousness to Neroli and grounds it. Magnolia also might be used to add a deeper, more full bodied effect to Petitgrain. Dilute Cistus and add a drop to the dilution to retain the one pointedness of Cistus with a less medicinal effect.
Michelia will give an impressionistic aroma of fruity lushness. Add a drop of Rose Otto to sweeten and deepen it. Rose Absolute will darken it's mysterious quality and assist in smoothing out the camphoraceous aspects of this material.
Bear in mind, however, that the quirky nature of this material is not going to disappear. Make friends with Michelia and consider it a fantasy item that, used correctly, will create one of a kind effects. 

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