Arnica Oil

Arnica Oil

Botanical Name:  Arnica montana
Used part :  Arnica flower
Extraction Method: infused (Arnica is infused with oil)
Benefit :
 • Promotes Restoring Overworked Muscles*
 • Supports Relaxation of Muscles to Aid in Normal Day to Day Stress
 • Externally Arnica Oil is extremely beneficial for:
 acne ;bruises ;hair loss if rubbed on scalp (make sure there is no broken skin) ;inflammation from insect bites ;muscle aches ;rheumatic pain ;sprains ;strained or pulled muscles ;superficial phlebitis ;tendon strain ;swelling due to fractures ;wound healing (not on broken skin)
Application :
used as an astringent and to treat skin disorders. With Anti-inflammatory and soothing effects.Arnica is especially good for under eye circles, chapped lips or irritated nostrils.

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