RobustCutter Sumo Protease

RobustCutter Sumo Protease

Specification:200 U
Concentration:2,000 U/ml
Product description:SUMO Protease, also known as Ulp, is a recombinant fragment of ULP1 (Ubl-specific protease 1) from Saccharomyces cerevisiae. It is highly specific for the SUMO protein fusion, recognizing the tertiary structure of SUMO rather than an amino acid sequence. The SUMO Protease features:
? Highly active cleavage
? No non-specific proteolysis (highly specific cleavage*)
? Activity from 2<C to 37<C
? A six-histidine sequence to facilitate its removal from the digested protein sample
Application: Removal of fusion tags from recombinant proteins.
Unit Definition: One unit of SUMO Protease is defined as the amount of enzyme needed to cleave 85% of 2?g of substrate protein at 30<C in one hour.
Quality Control: SUMO Protease has greater than 85% single-band purity with no non-specific protease contamination. It is functionally tested for the absence of any non-specific protease activity.
5 enzymes.

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