Phycol UP

Phycol UP

Seaweed :  Brown seaweed -Undaria Pinnatifida
Properties (based on bibiography) 
 >Dietetic,energizing and revitalizing skin care
 >Hair shampoo with sea minerals and amino-acids
 >Soothing for sensitive skins
INCI names :
 >Propylene or butylene glycol
 >Undaria Pinnatifidaextract
Other names :
 >Precious Seagrass
 >Sea Mustard
 >Alga Perlada
Characteristics and Application :
Detoxification, anti-pollution;Can be used for day cream, sunscreen and hair care products;Dynamic cocktails, can provide to a cell energy.
Rich in amino acids, vitamins & trace elements, may be considered as energy giving and dietetic foodstuff for the skin.

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