Oily-dissolve lanolin

Oily-dissolve lanolin

Appearance: Light yellow uniform paste
Wool grease used in preparation of cosmetics, medicine ointment, also used in leather and fur industry. Lanolin has hydroscopicity, applicable to moisturize the skin, keep skin moisture, replenish nutrition, lubrication, soft, and other skin care cosmetic, and can be used as a soap and soap fatliquoring agent, bath oil, sunscreen and other auxiliary cosmetics; Also applicable for cosmetics pigment dispersant. Widely used in the manufacture of hair oil, butter, facial cleanser, balsam, lipstick, sun oil, anti-cracking cream, deodorizer, printing ink, paint, rubber, polishing, medicine ointment, special soap etc., high grade product.
Lanolin adherent to the wool on the oily secretion, from wool washing in the process of recovery, the scientific refined but become pale yellow adhesion force strong paste body, to the skin has reduced pain and antiphlogistic effect, has the strong water absorption and excellent moisturizing performance.

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