L-Menthyl Lactate

L-Menthyl Lactate

C A S #       59259-38-0
Molecular Formula     C13H24O3
Molecular Weight       228.33
      Color:                         White to off-white
      Odor:                          Similar in character and intensity to standard, slight minty odor
      Appearance:             Clear, colorless liquid or crystalline solid, r, free of foreign matter
      Melting Point:            40  ℃min    
      Acid Value:                2. 0 max.
      Specific Rotation:     -74°
      Assay:                         98% min

 Can be used in confectionery and other applications to provide a lasting cooling effect, alone or with other cooling agents. 
Packing                    25kg/drum
Storage                    Store in air-tight container in a dry area at room temperature

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