Iron Oxide(Iron(III) oxide)

Iron Oxide(Iron(III) oxide)

Other names : Ferric oxide,Hematite
CAS # : 1309-37-1
Items                                 Properties 
Molecular formula           Fe2O3 
Molar mass                     159.69 g/mol 
Appearance                     red-brown solid 
Density                             5.242 g/cm3, solid 
Melting point                    1566 °C (1838 K) decomp.
Solubility in water            insoluble
Characteristics and Application : 
Iron(III) oxide also known as ferric oxide, Hematite, red iron oxide, synthetic maghemite, colcothar, or simply rust ,is one of the several oxide compounds of iron, and has paramagnetic properties.
A very fine powder of ferric oxide is known as jeweller's rouge, red rouge, or simply rouge. It is used to put the final polish on metallic jewellery and lenses, and historically as a cosmetic.
Use :
Iron(III) oxide is also used as a pigment, under names Pigment Brown 6, Pigment Brown 7, and Pigment Red 101[3]. Some of them, e.g. Pigment Red 101 and Pigment Brown 6, are Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved for use in cosmetics.

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