Hydrolyzed Rice Protein

Hydrolyzed Rice Protein

Items                                                Properties
 Appearance                                     Clear to slightly hazy amber liquid
 Odor                                                  Slight
 Color (Gardner)                              12 max
 Non-Volatile Matter 
(1g – 1hr – 105°C)                    17.0-23.0%
 pH (Direct @ 25°C)                      4.0 - 6.0
 Ash (800°C)                                  3.0% Maximum
 Nitrogen (Kjeldahl)                        2.0% Minimum
Hair Benefits : 
Rice-Pro EN-20 enhances the manageability and body of hair. It smoothes hair cuticles and improves gloss and texture by providing a protective fi lm on damaged hair. It also increases hair moisture content resulting in greater fl exibility and tensile strength. Its ability to increase the moisture capacity in hair results in a healthier and fuller appearance.
Skin Benefits :
Rice-Pro EN-20 forms a non-tacky fi lm which helps to minimize roughness and wrinkles. It has a protective colloid effect which results in better skin resistance to pollutants and external irritants. Due to its moisturizing and fi lm-forming properties, a moisture retentive barrier is formed which helps to plump up the skin and combat detergency aggressiveness.

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