Category  : Mineral  
Chemical formula    :  Na0.4Mg2.7Li0.3Si4O10(OH)2   / Na0.3(Mg,Li)3Si4O10(OH)2
Typical analysis :  SiO (53.95%), Al2O3 (0.14%), Fe2O3 (0.03%), Na2O (25.98%), K2O (3.4%), LiO2 (1.2%), H2O+ (5.61%) and H2O- (9.29%).
Characteristics and Applications : 
Hectorite is a soft, greasy clay mineral that forms near Hector, California (in San Bernardino County). The mineral is rare in that it is found primarily in one mine. The chemical composition of hectorite includes: sodium, lithium, magnesium, silicon, hydrogen and oxygen. Hectorite is mostly used in the manufacturing of cosmetics, but has uses in chemical and other industrial applications.
Hectorite occurs with bentonite as an alteration product of clinoptilolite from volcanic ash and tuff with a high glass content.

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