EyePro 3X

EyePro 3X

Chemical name :  Water & Betaine & Pentylene Glycol & Saccharomyces cerevisiae Extract & Rhodiola rosea Root Extract
Category :   Natural actives
Recommended dosage :   1-5%
Characteristics and Application : 
The Products has developed this exciting naturally based blend pf actives which is proven to reduce puffiness and sagging, firm skin, moisturize, and energize the eye area.  Gels creams lotions serums for anti puffiness, skin toning, moisturizing, reduction in dark circles.
EyePro 3X is a natural active complex which reduces puffiness, rejuvenates the eyes and offers “AntEYE” aging for the eye area. With activity based on betaine derived from sugar beets, a fermentation extract   from Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, and an extract from the adaptogenic plant Rhodiola rosea, EyePro 3X clearly delivers Mother Nature’s punch against tired-looking eyes!
EyePro 3X is an optimized complex that addresses fine lines in the eye area, puffy, saggy skin and dark circles under the eyes. EyePro 3X energizes cells which leads to increased oxygen consumption and enhances lipolysis action, resulting in the breakdown of fat deposits.   Its osmolytic attributes control excessive fluid build-up, ensuring optimal water regulation.   EyePro 3X can be easily incorporated into gels, creams and lotions at a recommended use level of 1-5%.   EyePro 3X creates the appearance of smoother, firmer, more youthful looking eyes.

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